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Friday, October 11, 2013

Blesses Beyond Words

Last weekend Bethany and I set off on an adventure. We left on Thursday for Tulsa, Ok. I made sure the girls staying behind had their planners done and their work laid out for them and that Steven knew exactly what needed done. I also set up meals for them while I was gone. The home front was taken care of.

We left and were having a great time until we came to the exit we needed in Tulsa when our GPS died. No problem, we remembered the exit number and we had a printout of the directions so we were set. Until we saw that the exit was closed. :( I pulled off on an exit to get my bearings but it wasn't an exit. It was a private drive for a railroad company! We got turned around from that and found the highway again. Moving back up to the highway was no problem until we realized we were going the wrong way. ugh I pulled over to the side of the road and we tried to figure out which way to take but couldn't see how any of them were right. We chose a ramp and went for it only to realize that it was the wrong one after it was too late. double ugh.

We drove for a bit, then turned around to try again. We took the ramp that looked right only to find ourselves right back where we started! Oh my word. I was pretty upset by this time. I took the opposite exit this time and it was going pretty well until we saw the exit we needed two seconds after we passed it. I'm not gonna lie, I said a bad word. I'm not proud of it but after an hour of going in circles in Tulsa I was pretty done.

We finally got the directions to pull up on our phones(it wasn't working until this moment) and headed to my friend Marsha's house. We arrived an hour after we thought we were going to but were safe so I wasn't going to complain too much.

On a side note, I have known Marsha for several years now through Tapestry of Grace Yahoo group and facebook but have never met her in real life before now. Let me tell you...She is so precious and my life is richer for knowing her. She is lovely and riding in the car with her for 14 hours flew by in a flurry of sweet conversation.

We took off from Tulsa and headed to Memphis to spend the night. We made it without incident and stayed at a wonderful hotel. An early start the next day kept the trip moving right along and we were soon getting closer to our destination. We talked and sang the entire time. We were even serenaded by Bethany at one point. :-)

As we drew closer and closer to our destination our excitement grew. It was palpable. We counted off the minutes and miles with giddy expectation.

When we finally saw the sign Callaway Gardens were almost in tears. You see we were on our way to a weekend with friends we had met online. Each year there is a SuperMeet where lovely ladies get together and fellowship. Bethany and I were pretty nervous since we hadn't actually met any of the women before but they all felt like close personal friends and we couldn't wait to meet them.

Pulling into the resort we noticed a car behind us and realized it was a car of our friends. The fun was starting already. We hugged and cried right there at the gate! lol We did get back into our cars so we could find our rooms and see everyone else but it took a few minutes.

We quickly found our rooms and the other ladies that were there already. It really was just like we had known them all of our lives. Each one was so precious to me as I recalled praises and prayers we have shared over the years. I cried for joy at each hug and laughed with each lady as we met.

It was a perfect weekend. We laughed and ate and fellowshiped and prayed and sang and ate and stayed up too late and loved on one another. It was amazing. I will never forget it. I am forever changed by these ladies and their beautiful hearts.

Here are a few pictures of our weekend.

There are more pics but that's all I will post at the moment. ;-)


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