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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our Week

School has been happening.  And it's actually been going pretty well! lol  We are plugging away every day and getting things done. 

We could do better.  We could always do better.  But, the kids are learning and remembering so something is going well.  ;-) 

Math is continuing to work for us.  Math U See has saved me more times than I can count!  I love it.  The kids love it too and isn't that the main thing?  If they don't like the curriculum then they won't do it. 

Tapestry of Grace is still the perfect fit for our family. We are studying Year 4-20th Century this year. We are a history loving family and TOG fills our desire to study all things history.  We have lively discussions about what we are learning and find things we know and remember from the past that we get excited to share!

Apologia is our go to science for the older kids and it is still working well.  Our homeschool group is doing Biology with the high schoolers and we are doing General Science here at home.  The youngers are doing Christian Kids Explore and Considering God's Creation.  We are really liking both of those too.

Our new writing curriculum is IEW's Student Writing Intensive.  We are struggling through it but I think we are figuring it out.  I think it is a great course I just wish I was a better writer so I could teach it better.  ;-)

Visual Latin just might my favorite (apart from TOG).  We love, love, love Duane and how he presents Latin.  They are super fun to watch and you don't realize you are learning. 

Growing with Grammar is another hit for us.  The younger two are still using it this year and our 8th grader keeps commenting that she would like to do it again!  Unfortunately they only go up through 8th grade. 

Our schedule is a work in progress.  As always.  It seems to be a fluid thing that morphs and changes with the changing moment!  We did away with the 30 min. increment schedule and now just schedule what needs done for the day/week.  I keep my Ultimate Homeschool Planner (which is completely fabulous and I ADORE it! Now it comes in another cover option that I must have!) right beside me to mark off subjects and assignments as they are done.  Planning is done on Sunday nights or Monday afternoons and then they bring their planners to me.  At the end of the day all subjects need to be marked off by me or the day isn't done. 

So that is kind of our week and how school is going.  No, we are not the family on the cover of a magazine but we are squeaking by!!  (We could, however, have our own reality show!)

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