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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Church Meetings

Tonight we went to a church meeting/family meeting.  It started out with a traditional German Mennonite snack-New Year's Cookies.  They are a donut type things with either apples or raisins in them and glaze on the outside.  They are yummy! 

I won't tell you how many we ate!! 

But anyway, at this meeting we were deciding a few things like what to do with the overage of money from last year.  Yes, you read that right.  Our church had extra money from the budgeted items.  That included over and above giving and moneys saved from not spending as much as was budgeted. 

I won't tell you the amount but let me say that it is six figures.  I know, right?  We belong to a very generous church that is very much willing to give more than required.  We decided to give a chunk of the extra money away to fund many missions projects we support as well as multiple other things our church supports through out the year.

I am floored by the amount of money our church didn't spend last year.  They are conservative with their spending-really seeking God how to wisely use their money.  I also appreciated the fact that the recommendations were put to the church body and we got to help decide how to spend the money.  Our thoughts were listened to and discussion was encouraged to work through the decisions.

I really felt like I had a hand in making the decisions in our church.  

Have I mentioned that I really love our church? 

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