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Friday, January 4, 2013

Home Improvements and Vomit

Yeah, I know those two things should have nothing in common but alas in my house they do.

Remember when I said that Steven mounted our t.v. on the wall? Well, he and our oldest dd worked on it most of the day before I came down to watch. Just watch, mind you. I was enjoying some time off to just sit and read my book. Plus, I was enjoying watching the interaction of thse two as they read directions and tried to figure things out. heehee

As I was sitting there watching them and listening to the choruses of "It says..." "What did that say?" and "Now, how did I do that again?" I had to giggle to myself. I am usually the one to read the directions and direct Steven but this time he was trying to teach Sunshine as he went. This was their second project of the week and I'm pretty sure it won't be their last. ;-)

Anyway, I was reading my book when I happened to look up and saw the dog strolling over to Steven and Sunshine. She was looking around like she wanted to sit somewhere but she just stood in front of the sub-woofer in between Steven and Sunshine. Maggie, the dog, looked at me then at Sunshine and proceeded to throw up right in front of Sunshine.

I take that back. Maggie threw up all over Sunshine's foot!!! Oh yeah, you read that right. It was warm, chunky, and oozing between her toes. bwahahahaha! It was soo disgusting. We immediately started getting towels, oxyclean, bags, and a spatula. The spatula is for scouping up the chunks, btw. TMI? Probably so but hey, if I was gagging smelling it and scouping it up I'm gonna share with you!

We got Sunshine's foot out from under the um, vomit pile she cleaned up while gagging the whole time. I asked for help from the girls but Sweet Pea ran the other way dry heaving. heehee The two youngers got towels and took the trash bag outside for me.

Steven and I cleaned up the carpet, sent the dog outside, and laughed until we couldn't talk. Sunshine moaned for quite a while afterwards complaining that she coudl still feel it between her toes! EEwww!

Home improvement projects never cease to be spectacular in our house! Kinda makes me scared for the next one...

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