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Sunday, November 25, 2007

It isn't called 'CRAZY' for nothin'!

November 14th, my last post. Do I even remember that day? It was so long ago and so much has happened since then. I am not even sure that I can remember everything. :) I will try.

I finally am well, mostly. It took almost 4 weeks to kick this bug; but I did it. Okay, okay, I still feel congested and tired-that will go away eventually!

I found out that my calcium was way too low -again. If it hasn't come up by now, it probably won't and I will have to take massive amounts of calcium every day until Jesus takes me home.

I also found out the same day that my thyroid was way too low also. That accounts for the extra 15lbs in the last month. :( So, they upped my dose almost to the max and I go back next week to have it checked again. Here's hoping that it will level out and stay there.

We have fallen behind in school due to my illness(s) and I am getting cranky trying to get them caught up before Christmas break.

Dh has been given a promotion that should have been his years ago ( IMHO) and things are looking much better for him now. YEAH!

We had craft day at my house and my sister came. She hasn't been to my house in many years. We had a great time doing Christmas cards while the men did home improvement projects around the house. I still haven't put all the crafts away!!

Dh and I went to KC for a weekend getaway. WOOHOO! It was wonderful and relaxing and a good time of getting back to us as a couple.

Dh was told by the surgeon to have a steroid shot to see if that would help calm his shoulder down. The surgeon did not think there was a tear. That is good news. The bad news is that the shot isn't helping as much as they said it should if it wasn't a tear. SO...he has to go back and maybe they will do a scope and scrape the bursa sack and the bone to give the bursa more room to move and look to see if there is a tear at the same time. We are hoping that the shot is a little slow on the uptake!

We finally got to Thanksgiving. We went to dh's family on Wednesday night and had Mexican food. It's a little strange, I know. But it really does help with not getting burned out on turkey. We had taco ring, quessadillas, caso w/chips, and taco salad. We had a great time visiting with everyone. Dh's youngest brother and his wife were able to come and we had a wonderful time catching up with what the Lord is doing in their lives.

We went to my mother's on Thursday night and had turkey day on Friday. It was a long couple of days filled with staying up too late playing games and trying to cheat to win and way too much food that tasted way too good! ;) We had alot of fun and the kids got to watch more tv than ever before!

Black Friday my mother and I went to Wal-Mart at 5am because they had ONE thing that I wanted to get for Christmas. When we got there, the parking lot was FULL. The whole town showed up and was crammed inside this little store. We finally made it in and we seperated to find it sooner. When she called me on her cell phone because we couldn't get to each other, she informed me that the one thing I wanted, they had never received any - their store wasn't big enough. AAAGGGHHH! I was so frustrated. I hate shopping anyway and I just wasted all this time and sleep for nothing. Oh well. I later went online and ordered it and had it shipped to our store for pick up! Got to love the internet. LOL

It snowed Friday night and we were stuck (I say that with a smile and a wink) at my mother's for another night. When we came home my dh got ready to go and sing at church this weekend. It really never ends. At least it has given me some time to catch up with my posting, right? :)

Life really is crazy. But something that is even crazier is that God still loves us even though we fail Him time and again. He is so patient and forgiving. What a gentle and loving Father to wait for us and let us make our own mistakes, yet be there to catch us when we fall. Do you know Jesus? Do you know He loves you? He does. Talk to Him, He will listen.

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