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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

The end result

The end result of putting my child through orthodontic pain will be worth it, right? Our 8yodd started her 2yr ordeal a couple of months ago and we went back in today to get the second appliance put on the bottom teeth. She just sobbed with her mouth open while they worked away! It was soo sad. :( She didn't move or bite the Dr. She just had huge tears rolling down her cheeks. Aren't we supposed to rescue them from pain? AAGGHH! It was so hard to just stand there and watch.

We are already seeing the movement of her teeth and that is exciting. Hopefully by the time they put the brackets on the front teeth in January, she will have enough movement of her top jaw that she can have that appliance taken off and be left with just the bottom one.

I am really not looking forward to tomorrow or the next three days. I may have to adjust the menu to account for some soft foods for her to eat!

I will try to get some pictures of the appliances - if she will let me!! :)

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Kristine said...

I really need to get my kids to the ortho . . .