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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We're HERE!!!

Well...We are in our new house! We moved on Saturday-all of it! We had at least 20 people show up to help us move and we moved our ENTIRE HOUSE in about 6 hours! We could not believe that it went so fast. Then we had so much help that my mom unpacked and set up the entire kitchen and friends helped set up the beds. Everyone had a bed to sleep in our first night. We ended up needing only three beds because two kids slept in beds with other kids! Oh well! Everyone was safe and happy.

We are loving our house! It truly is a blessing from a Father who cares for every need and want that we have. We are in awe of His lavish love every time we look around at what He gave us. There are almost no words that describe what we are feeling. How great is the love the Father has for His children!

We are having a little drama in that the closing has been delayed until next week. The FHA inspector couldn't get to our old house in time for the closing this week. It shouldn't be a problem unless he says that we have to do some major repairs or changes. Oh YEAH-I think I forgot-we have termites at the old house. We have to have that treated before we can sell it. That was wonderful news last week!-NOT. I cried so much that my eyes were almost swollen shut! Then I had someone remind me that God was in control and He would make it work. He did. The termite guy is giving us a HUGE discount and we can cover the price he gave us. Another blessing and provision from God! His goodness will never end.

For now, we are on our way to the old house to do some painting and ground work before the inspection. No school today! The girls are thirlled with that!! ;0

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