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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Our new house!!!

This is our new house that God gave us. He brought it to us and completely blessed our socks off with it. It is more than we could have ever dreamed of and we are incredibly grateful.

That is the 'Formal Dining Room' IT HAS A BAY WINDOW!!! I have wanted one for years and now God has given me one. Someone has also given us a new china hutch for the dining room that we will get in the next few weeks. Notice the dh again! He is following me around. LOL

This is the 'Formal Living Room'!! This is the first room you see when you walk in. It is bigger than this, I just couldn't get it all in the picture. On the wall to the right in the photo we have our piano. And the good looking man in the picture is my dh!!

This is our Kitchen and 'breakfast nook'. It has a ton of cabinet space. The stove top is in the island with cabinets underneath and the stove is on the wall to the right in the picture with more cabinets above and below it!!! It is a wonderfully big kitchen!

This is the pantry that is on the wall beside the oven. I am sooo excited by this that I just open the door and turn the light on and look into it!! there are shelves top to bottom. There is another storage room on this same wall that I didn't take pictures of; but, it has shelves in it and it is is big enough you can walk into it and turn around and not bump into anything else. LOL

This is the hallway looking from our bedroom to the main bathroom. Can you tell who that head is? Yup-my dh. He really was following me around! Along this hallway on the left is the coat closet, dd#3 and #4' room(they share), and the spare room. Yes, I said a spare room. We can actually have overnight guests that don't have to sleep on a couch now. I guess we better get another bed!

This is the main bathroom. It has a whirlpool/jacuzzi tub thingy. And that is the technical term for it in our house! I tried it out tonight and it felt great. I can tell that I will be spending a great amount of time in there! LOL It also has a window in it that lets in wonderful sonlight.

This is the downstairs. I have a basement now!! I almost can't believe it. There is somewhere to send the kids when I am trying to do my quiet time or am on the phone! WOOHOO! This is looking across the room from the stairs and the computer and desk is on the left and there is a bathroom on the right. We have a fireplace on the far wall.

This is the school room! TAADAA~It had the shelves already in it. We can also fit in a futon, a desk and a computer in there. Then there is still room for them to sit on the floor. It is truly a blessing to have somewhere to put all the school stuff and not have it spread all over the house. (It still kind of is, we just have somewhere to put it now!)

This is the bedroom for dd's #1 and 2. This room is big enough that they each have their own twin size beds, two dressers, a dressing table and a couch in it!!!! The also have closet spaces of their own.

They think the closets are soo cool!

This is almost the best part. This is our backyard. It has actual grass that we can walk around in barefoot!! It also has a patio that is big enough that the girls can ride their scooters on. We are really enjoying the grass. There are no stickers to be found in this yard-anywhere. I don't think that we will take grass for granted ever again.


Kristine said...

Great pics, Renita, thank you for sharing! I think your dh is following you so he doesn't get lost, lol. The rooms are huge, and your big kitchen is AWESOME!!

We moved in a month ago, and now we're kind of waiting expectantly--what's next for us, God?!

momma24 said...

We DO keep losing each other in the house!! Someone upstairs and someone down-lots of yelling right now to find people! Yes, I ADORE my kitchen. It will make family eat togethers a lot easier. LOL

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Beautiful home, Renita. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your new home.

Cynthia said...

It all looks wonderfully spacious! How nice to have a school room now.