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Thursday, October 12, 2017


We had about a weeks notice that Phoenix was coming back to live with us.  Not much time to turn our storage room into a real room for her; and we didn't make it!  lol  It took two weeks to finish after she moved in but we got it done and it is a beautiful room.  She got to pick the color for the walls-how terrifying!-and we picked out the rest.  I think it all came together very well.

It was way worse than this...I had already cleaned up some before this pic!

Naomi helping with the mudding/taping that we ended up doing wrong.  

walls, tools, ladders, cool construction things!

She is moving in!

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See the wall color?  That is her favorite color!

Papa brought her name letters for her new room

her own bookshelf.  Now, to fill it!
I would show you a picture of her room now...but honestly I can't even get in there-it is that messy!  But, it is hers and she is here to stay.

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