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Saturday, October 14, 2017

A New Job!

I started coaching gymnastics at the Y just about a year ago in September.  I loved it.  I loved being back in the gym(again) and I loved the kids.  I quickly added hours to my schedule and started helping with pre-team and then eventually team.  I was busy, as evidenced by several posts lamenting that fact!  I was really happy, though.  The kids were wonderful and I heard back that they were enjoying gymnastics.  

But then changes started happening.  I won't go into details but there were things happening that I couldn't support. And I kind of got in trouble for speaking out about something in a staff meeting.  Trust me, it needed to be said and I was the only real adult in the room.  

Anyway...since these changes were coming, I sought out other employment.  I found out that a local gym was hiring and it was a gym that I competed against when I was young.  I took Naomi over to try it out-I wasn't leaving her in a gym that I didn't agree with policies and procedures.  She loved it but was wary about switching gyms.

I talked with the manager and she told me that night that I had a job if I wanted it.  I did!  I gave my notice at the Y and told my classes that I wasn't going to be teaching there any longer.  Several families asked where I was going and decided to follow me.  Of course, I told them that they were welcome to come to the other gym but there were great coaches staying where they were.  They came anyway.  And then I heard that more coaches quit and girls I recognized showed up at the gym I was now at.

Naomi transferred over and quickly started moving up levels.  At the Y they told her she was at a lower level than this new gym and she was clearly ahead of what they indicated.  It took some time for Naomi to get fully comfortable at the new gym but she is loving it now and she has moved up to the Gold Excel team!

We start our competition season in a few weeks and I will be traveling with the Silver team  I am so excited to see the girls compete and improve throughout the season.  

I don't have as many hours at the new gym and it is working perfectly with our new addition to the family.  God has taken care of us and His blessing keep showing up when we least expect them. 

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