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Sunday, July 28, 2013

I did it again.

I remember last summer I said that I would not let the next one be so busy.

I failed.


It started with Convention and moved right into theater camp. Which slid into vacation.

We did get a bit of a break the week after vacation but we were so tired we couldn't have done much anyway! There were some orthodontist appointments, dentist appointments, lake day, and Bethany and Sarah teaching Sunday School to pre-schoolers thrown in the week good measure. But not too busy. ;-)

The following week had more dentist appointments followed by Cousins Camp for three of the younger kids. Somehow during Cousin's Camp I didn't get as much done as I had in the past. I did get to spend some great time with Bethany and Phoenix though so it wasn't wasted.

I started a Bible Study on Thursday nights. A Beth Moore so I am super excited about that.

The weekend of June 28th, we headed out to my mom's to paint the outside of her house. Yup, the whole house. Our six, Robin, my brother, my other sister and her husband scraped, repaired, and painted the entire house in just one weekend. It was HARD but so worth it.

The next week was Fourth of July and we were still busy. Another ortho appointment and a field trip on Tuesday made the time off fly by. Bethany had rehearsal for her song she was singing on July 6th and then we had a family night with some friends. That Sunday Beth sang at my in-laws church and then we ate lunch with everyone.

The week of July 8th was quiet. Kind of. Steven, Bethany, and I were getting ready for our missions trip with Royal Family Kids Camp. Hannah had a service project day at church and she got her braces that Wednesday, and then we had our RFKC picnic that night. Bible Study and then the kids went to my mom's on Saturday.

July 14th-19th we were at RFKC. Sarah worked on Friday at another theater camp for me and then the following week we had theater camp from 9:30-1:30 Monday -Thursday. It was more than exhausting. It was a hard show and the kids really struggled with it. By Thursday night I was in tears. But that could have been because of the broken molar and dentist appointment I had to go through that day. This time, again, the numbing medicine didn't work all the way so I was shaking and frazzled by the end of it. *sigh* Hannah had another service project and I had Bible Study. Friday had three eye appointments in the morning with Sarah having a b-day sleep over that night. Saturday Beth and I went to work day at the AYSO fields then came home to finish cleaning out the garage. ugh. Then Beth and Sarah had to teach again this morning at church. This afternoon we will try to celebrate Sarah's bday but she isn't feeling well and neither is Bug and Naomi. :-(

So far, next week isn't looking too busy but there are some things going on. But the following week is another theater camp and the start of school.

Summer has yet again flown by and we haven't crossed as many things off of our Summer Bucket list as I had wanted to. This week we are going to work on that and may have to carry it into September...but we will get many more crossed off. We will.

For now we are going to enjoy the slowness of today and wait for tomorrow's troubles to come tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

It sounds like you've already done A LOT! Maybe make a shorter list for next summer?