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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Economics for Everybody Review you know what it is?  Really?  Did you take Economics class in high school?  Do you remember it?  Do you even care what it is?

 I can answer all those questions with a No or a Not Really.  I am pretty sure I took an Economics class in high school but I can't tell you anything I learned in the class.  It didn't stick.  That and I'm pretty sure I didn't like it!

Well, I have an Economics course that your kids will not only love but they will learn from it and remember it.  The company that brought us our very favorite Visual Latin brings us another great video program.  Economics for Everybody.
Economics for Everybody is a video course taught by Dr. RC Sproul, Jr.  He is an engaging speaker that makes this typically dry topic interesting and fun to learn.  He presents it from a Biblical perspective so that students get a clear picture of where Economics come from and Who is really in charge.  I have never wanted to learn Economics before but after watching just the first lesson in this series I wanted to keep watching and learning.  They use visuals including Charlie Chaplin and other video clips to draw the student in and keep them interested.

Economics for Everybody is a 12 week video course that is worth 1/2 a credit for high school if you follow the Scope and Sequence they provide.  This Scope and Sequence will walk you through what your student needs to do for their credit work and some additional work to add to their understanding of the lesson.  There is also a section for additional resources for the class if you are having your student take it for credit.  They recommend using Basic Economics, Third Edition by Carson and Cleveland which you can get on the Compass website.

However, you can also use this series for your family with middle school kids and older, small group, middle school/high school in traditional schools or homeschools, or any adult who wants to understand economics.

To use this program you will need to download the series or order the DVD.  You will get a Study Guide book with your purchase and access to all of the great information on their website.

"This is a 236p guide that includes an expanded outline of each lesson with additional material not included in the lessons; it also includes related Bible readings, discussion questions, short answer questions, and multiple-choice questions.  Finally, it includes a listing of all the sources used in the series."

The Study Guide is an amazing resource for this program.  It is extensive and well written.  The student can have in their hands a text to read and study or take notes in.  There is also the list of questions they can study to write them out later.  There isn't enough room in the Study Guide to write in it so they will need to have a notebook for their answers.

To see a list of Lessons, head over HERE.  To see a sample Lesson click HERE.  To see an Overview THIS is your spot.  You can also read the FAQ page or just head over and get your 2 FULL FREE Lessons!

If you want to purchase your own copy of this great program it is only $36 for the DVD!  Yup, you read that right.  Isn't that a fantastic deal?  Or you can download your copy for just...$36!  You can also purchase additional Study Guides for $9 if you have multiple students.

Head on over and check it out.  I know my high schoolers will be using Economics for Everybody and learn more than I ever did.

I received a copy of Economics for Everybody to use in this review.  I received no other compensation for this honest review.  The opinions stated are my own and are honest and not promised to be positive.

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