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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Family Night Revolution

Well, since you already know I am a bad blogger I am just going to go ahead and post this. In August we had another installment to our Family Night Revolution. It was awesome!

This time it was Olympic themed since the Summer Olympics were going. And...we decided to invite another family.

But, before the other family arrived we had our movie night. We opened the Concession Stand and sold out of a few items! I know they were storing them up for later but I let them anyway. As long as they had the money.

The movie we chose wasn't the best one for Family Night but we watched it anyway. War Horse just about did us in. lol We didn't get through the whole thing before they got here so we finished it afterward.

When the L family got here we got started. We drew names of countries and paired up. As it happened we had the biggest kids paired with the littlest! It was pretty cute.

We moved outside for the games. Yup, games. We had Track and Field events all lined up in the front yard. The first event was a Three-Legged Race. Three teams had to start at one end of the yard, circle around the first tree, run to the second tree and circle around it, then run back to the first tree to make one final circle around it. The two fastest teams from each heat ran in the final race.

I'm not going to say who but someone from the L family cheated to win. He might have squished a younger member of our family into a tree to win, but ya know...whatever! heehee

The next race was a relay race. In this race the countries combined into two teams to compete. The first leg of the relay had to be run while spinning in circles, the second leg had to be run while showing off your best dance moves, and the final leg had to be run while singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

There was a 'tiny' bit of cheating going on during this event as well but I'm not going to name names or anything.

When it was too dark to have outside games we moved in to the Wii. We played Dodge Ball, Tennis, Soccer, Synchronized Swimming, and threw in Figure Skating just for fun. It was pretty fun watching the guys try and master the swimming and skating! heehee

We played well into the night with a winner who is a big cheater pants but then again another country thinks that they won! Unfortunately we can't declare the Gold Medalists because the countries can't agree on who cheated and who didn't!

It was a great Family Night and we hope to repeat it sometime soon. The next Family Night Revolution we are back to our Double Feature...I just have to choose the movies!

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