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Thursday, August 16, 2012

All About Bug

So Bug's language and personality has exploded!  She is not only jabbering up a storm she is talking.  A lot!  Her language base is crazy big now and she can effectively communicate just about anything she needs.  We love it!

This post I am going to share some of the great things she says now.  She has us laughing every day with the new phrases she comes up with.

When I asked her to help pick up some trash she looked up at me with those big blue eyes and said, "I can't want to."  I just stared at her.  Yeah, I know the feeling baby girl!

She wrote on herself the other day and when I noticed it on her arm she covered it up and said, "Don't see it." 

If anyone is leaving the house she will say, "Hey, where are you going people?" 

To get our attention she will say, "Hey, guess what?"  When you give her your attention and say "What?"  She looks at you and says, "Um..."  Then her face lights up the biggest smile.  Love it!

When she wakes up from her nap and she is ready to get out of bed she will go through the list of names to get someone to come and get her.  If no one comes right away, she starts yelling, "Somebody come get me."  heehee

Lately her phrase is, "I need..."  She will tell us that she needs popsicles or whatever else there is.  At breakfast she 'needed' more cereal but she was yelling at us so I told her to ask politely.  She paused for a moment and then said, "I *need* (said with a guttural growl) more cereal, pwease!"  We laughed so hard.  She was trying to be nice but the growling was just too cute.

Of course she has the typical 2yo response to most things, "I do it."  She has figured out how to take her diaper and pants off proudly proclaiming, "Look!"  It's not too bad unless it is 'loaded'! lol

We are working her off of her pass but she will ask for it and say, "I need pass for a little bit."  The answer is no and she always looks up with her huge eyes and says, "just a wittle bit?"  It is hard to say no to that!

I think one of my favorite thins is when someone is crying or upset, she will walk over to them to hug them.  If they are crying, she will find a towel or tissue and dry their tears.  It is too precious.  She is also starting to tease.  She will walk toward us with her arms raised like she wants to be picked up but when you get close enough to do it she cackles and runs off yelling, "Run, faster!"

Life is not boring with this little sprite in our house!

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