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Monday, July 23, 2012

Just a bit

Last year before camp I scheduled some posts to go live while we were at camp and this year life was just to hectic.  :(

But, camp was pretty great this year.  I had two experienced co-counselors instead of the new ones I usually get(which is totally fine) so we were able to just get going and we all knew what to do and just did it. 

We got there Sunday afternoon, ate, then got to work.  We decorate the rooms, make name signs for the kids, and label all the stuff we are going to give them.  We like to give them a bunch of stuff! lol

Monday morning we wake up and finish whatever we haven't the night before then get ready for the kids.  When the kids show up it is always a little nerve wracking.  We pray for them and pray for the week but the truth is we are never really ready.

Don't believe someone if they say you can't fall in love with a stranger the moment you see them.  Because you can.  And we do.  These kids are so incredibly special to God.  They are the least of these and we should do whatever we can to show them the love of God. 

They are my kids.  I am fiercely protective of them and beg God to show them how loved and precious they are. 

If you haven't checked out Royal Family Kids Camp you should.  Trust me, you will never be the same. 
For now my heart is still healing.  I'm sure that it will take a while but will never fully heal.  That's the way it is sometimes with the things that are important to God.

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