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Friday, October 16, 2009

What's been happening?...

I am a bad blogger. I know, I am. It has been almost a month since I posted and I can't seem to care too much. lol That's terrible of me. Right? Of course right. Because I have so much to say and it is so important that everyone of you is dying to read it! hahaha Sometimes, I am just too funny. ;-)

Well, in the last month what have we been doing? hmmm

We have been doing school. Shocker, I know! It has been going relatively well, I think. Nothing outstanding or life changing, just normal everyday stuff. boring!

We have been doing soccer. Yes, I mean WE. When you have four children playing on four separate teams, EVERYONE in the family is intimately involved in the games. Practices are on Mondays(2 of them), Wednesdays, Thursdays(2 of them), and now Tuesday night is being added for our 10 yo. We were soo thrilled with that addition to the schedule. Not.

Steven has been doing BSF on Tuesday nights and loving it. We have been loving the downtime. That is until next week when the new schedule starts.

We have had several sunburns and windburns and maybe some frostbite thrown in there from being at the soccer fields from 8am until 4pm. Yup, you read that right. ALL DAY. Why did we do this? Don't ask, because right now I'm not sure.

We have been volunteering at church in the Middle School Dept. and the Grade School Dept. Again, wondering why? don't know. If wishes were horses....

Oh yeah, we got the flu. Our oldest had it for two weeks and then gave it to me. She is so thoughtful to share with her mother. I in turn gave it to Steven. And in all reality, it will probably come back to me in the next week or so. It just works that way.

Our 10yo auditioned to be in a Christmas production with Music Theatre for Young People and made it. Yay! Boo! We thought rehearsals would be on Sundays only. NOPE They are on Sundays and any other night of the week they schedule them for. Can you say sucker? I can.

I had another infusion. It didn't take because I got the flu two days afterwards and my calcium only rose .2points. Niiice.

Our computer crashed. You know the one that we put all of our digital pictures on for the last 8 years? The same one that we burned all of our music library onto. It's also the same on that has all the school info and stuff I have gathered for the last 7 years. Yeah, that computer.

good times

Tonight is just one of those nights that is dark and gloomy. Tomorrow will be better no matter what happens. God is in control and we can always rely on Him to get us through.

I'm clinging to that, remind me of it sometimes, will ya?


pam said...

you can't be a good facebooker AND blogger. :)

nice to see you back in the blogging business.

Kristine said...

And I thought WE had a lot of soccer! Ugh, I cannot imagine; I certainly don't envy you practice every night. You need to work on this; with your girls, you practically have half a team already, right?!

I still have troubles volunteering at things where there will be a lot of children. Honestly, I love being with my kids, but it still gets to be much. Even when I'm at work, I'm surrounded by kids...'

Your "Yay! Boo!" for the play is funny. And when did you stop writing your girls' names on your blog? How am I supposed to know which is which?! But congratulations to her, that is really cool, and WHAT a blessing that you can commit to this, Renita. I am sure it's much harder to make time for the activity that just one child participates in when you have four to consider.

That's awful about your computer. Praise God that you have your pics in photobucket or picasa or whatever you use for blogging and that they have not completely disappeared.

Glad to catch up with you, my friend!

Romany said...

Ahhh, the computer! Can you take it to a dr to retrieve any of the info?

That's one reason to be up to date with blogging photos, I guess!

Cynthia said...

UGH about the computer! I hope you had backups.....

I blog when I can and don't worry about the times I can't.

Nice to catch up with you.