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Friday, September 18, 2009

Disappointment and Joy

Okay, I bought some cereal in an effort ot be healthier. I really prefer sugared cereal. I could eat it for every meal!

BUT, I am trying to set a better example for the kids and just plain need to be healthier.

So, in that effort, I bought this box.

Could it have been any nastier? Why didn't they just say that it tasted like styrofoam? It could have saved me a lot of time and disappointment. It was seriously nasty. I may have to put extra sugar on it just to finish the box.

And I will finish the box on principle alone. But I won't like it.

Maybe that is the way you lose weight. You don't want to eat it so you lose weight!

Well, I needed to make it up to myself and one of the best ways to do that is to buy myself a pen or a mug!!

I found these this morning...

Aren't they wonderful? I can't wait to use them in the morning. :-D


Kristine said...

1. Fill the coffee cups with lots of yummy creamer and drink.

2. Stick two big scoops of frozen yogurt in bowl. Pour 1/2 c. cereal over top. Add 1/2 sliced banana, plus 1/2 c. sliced fruit of any other kind (strawberries, peaches, apple). Sprinkle with raisins and frozen blueberries. You just made your yukky cereal taste really good and gave yourself a halfway decent meal too. Oh, and have the kids make their OWN. This one's for you!

chillywilly said...

Fiber One honey nut is really good and I do believe they took the styrfoam out.
Love the mugs.
Oh and by the way my tea pot is to big for my microwave. Ugh needless to say I have to get a bigger one.

Cynthia said...

Maybe you can use the cereal as a sprinkle over yogurt. We've done that with some cereal that we didn't particularly like.

And, those are very cute mugs!

Beauty said...

I know people that like the yuchy thing. Maybe I should screen my friends better. love m

Unknown said...

I love you - thank you for making me laugh! :-)

Anonymous said...

We must be weird because we LOVE this cereal! We have never eaten the sugar stuff so that may be why but this is truly my boys favorite. One thing you might like is to make it into a parfait. My boys (13, 12 & 9) love to mix the cereal with plain lowfat yogurt and frozen wild blueberries. Jast a thought.
Thanks for the laughs :-) You are so funny.
Now go use those great mugs :-)

momma24 said...

Okay, Okay! I must be the only one who doesn't like this stuff. My sister likes it, my dh likes it!

Yet again, it is me that's the weirdo!!! lol