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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Something calm and serene!

I thought that maybe after my ranting in the last post that I should post something that is beautiful and calm!!LOL I took this picture on our way home from vacation. I took it looking straight up through the windshield!
Isn't it wonderful? Couldn't you just imagine Jesus appearing through clouds like these? That gave me goosebumps just thinking of it!


Cynthia said...

That's a VERY COOL picture! Can't believe you took it through the windshield... our windshield is always splattered with bugs (LOL).

Kristine said...

Awesome pic, it looks like something you'd find on the internet! LOL about Cynthia's windshield. My windshield pics usually are either too tinted or have my antenna stuck in the middle of the shot. :)