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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I'm just wondering...

Do you ever wonder if you are obedient? I mean truly in all things. Or do you just obey what you want or what you think will get you in trouble? The reason I am asking is I am a black and white person. It is either wrong or right-it can't be both. I am working on this because it gets me in trouble, alot! LOL My sense of justice is freaky high as well and that can cause my blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels. So I really have to work to not lose my temper on a daily basis if I go out and mingle in the world!!

The reason I ask is because I am seeing a tremendous amount of people who no longer stop at stop signs. It has become 'socially okay' to slow down only as much as you have to and then roll right on thru. But is that obeying the law? No. Does anybody seem to care? I wonder. What about turning left when it is posted 'No Left Turn'? Is that wrong if nobody catches you? What about the people behind you that have to wait while you are more concerned with yourself than obeying the law? Yes, I believe that is what is at the core of our 'little discrepencies' like that. Selfishness. Obviously you can tell that these are BIG issues for me; but shouldn't they be for every Christian? If we are to obey the 'law of the land' isn't that in the small things as well? Can we say that we are obeying if we go the obligatory 5mph over the posted speed limit?

I am struggling to not be hypocritical with this. I do go the 5mph over the posted limit; BUT I always stop completely before proceeding. Does it really matter though if I am not willing to obey in all things?

Do I approach God the same way? Do I do this with the things He asks me to do or not do? The small things that I don't think matter I just bypass and try and coast by. Meanwhile the big things get harder to obey.

Where do we draw the line in a society that believes in relativistic truth? I think as Christians we hold the line and live to let everyone see us obeying in the little things so that there is a standard to strive for. Is it easy? NO. Do I always want to? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Do I have to try? ABSOLUTELY YES!

Thanks for letting me rant!


Kristine said...

Great post. Great questions to consider. And how can we expect our dc to obey seemingly small rules if WE can't do it, even the easy ones?

Unknown said...

That is so true. I got a ticket from slowing down enough, then rolling through. I didn't even realized I did it, until I was pulled over. I set my cruise control at 5 mph over every time. I guess it would be really easy to just set it for the posted limit. I struggle with this too!