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Monday, May 4, 2015

Mi vida Spanish for You! Review

If you know me, you know that I love, love, love Spanish for You! It is the one and only Spanish curriculum that we have actually used and learned from.

Spanish for You! works.

Now, add to that that I have actually met Debbie Annett in real life last year and you have a fan girl right here! Debbie is the sweetest person and it made me love her curriculum even more.

But on to the review.

I have long loved Spanish for You! and Mi vida is no different. It is affordable, easy to use, and effective. (I typed that up and then realized that that phrase is ON the books! lol) But it is true.

Debbie has written Spanish for You! in a way that is easy for a non-Spanish speaking person(parent) to teach and learn alongside their student so that both are learning a foreign language. Or the student can take the reigns and learn all on their own! The Lesson Plans are laid out for you day by day -each day tellin gyou what needs to be done. Each week gives you the New Vocabulary for the week, New Common Words and Phrases, and any Homework for the week.

On a side note: for those that know me they can attest to the extent of my Spanish speaking abilities. I can order tacos, burritos, and chimichangas. But, I get really excited when I can order Barbacoa and put in an accent! That is my sum total of Spanish speaking abilities. So for me to say that Spanish for You! is easy for a non-Spanish speaking parent to use means it is really true.

There is NO guess work! The Levels for Spanish for You! re Grades 3-4, 5-6, and 7-8.

I love that about Spanish for You! It has taken the guess work out of my day by giving me exactly what I need. Guidance. I can open up the Lesson Guide on Sunday afternoon and highlight what my kids need to do for the week and NOT have to figure it out. It is all right there for me! Plus, it is a digitial download so I can print off the Lesson Guide for each child so they can do their own planning. Bonus!

We also love the Audio portion of Spanish for You! We can always go back to the Audio if we are unsure of how to pronounce something and there is plenty of practice to get it right. There are two options for the Audio-Debbie speaking spanish or a Native Spanish speaker. The Audio (mp3) recordings are invaluable. The other thing about the audio that I adore is that Debbie reads the page in Spanish. (not the entire page, just the Spanish portions) This has proven to be a huge asset because we can see the words in context and that makes them more applicable. To see the words and the pictures at the same time ingraine them more than just hearing them.

Now, the artwork is not very good you say? I think it is fantastic! They are simply drawn and yet still get the meaning across. Because the pictures are simple and black and white, the cost of the curriculum can be kept low. Don't we all want that? I know I do! When you print out the Flash Cards your kids can color them and get even more practice!

There is just so much good to say about this curriculum. The best thing to say is that my kids are learning Spanish and actually using it! They are understanding it and adding to their knowledge on their own because they are ENJOYING it.

If you want to check it out, head over to Spanish for You! and look at their MORE... page for FAQ's. All Themed Home use packages are $39.95-64.95. There is a 60 day money back GUARANTEE! You can't beat that.

The Themes are: Mi vida, Viajes, Fiestas, Estaciones but there are also FREE Mini Lessons, Worksheets, and Specials offered on the website.

**Disclaimer: I was given a Mi vida set in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own and a positive review is not guaranteed.


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