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Monday, March 10, 2014


Soccer this year for our Homeschool Organization is starting early. Ok, not technically. They are starting Conditioning practices to help the girls get in shape after the long, dormant winter.

Practices are two hours long and consist of a 15 min run, 10 strength exercises, dynamic stretching, running, drills, running, extra sit-ups and pushups and running for missed passes/goals, and a bit more running! Three days a week.

The girls worked hard for the entire month of February and we can see the difference in them. They are definitely in better shape and ready to start the season.

This year Bethany is playing again for the High School team as well as Sarah. She joined late and didn't get as many of the conditioning practices but is catching up. Hannah decided to join the Junior High team this year and is doing well.

Now that the regular season has started we are having practices three days a week for two hours a day. The girls are responsible for doing their workouts on the off days as well and if they don't there is more running!

I can't wait to play our first game--I am Assistant Coach for Junior High and Varsity(second or third assistant!) But I am helping and loving it. The girls that embraced Bethany last year and helped her so much are amazing young women and I am blessed to be part of their lives.

Go Warriors!!


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