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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our Week...end...

Last week Sarah, Naomi, Hannah, and I were involved with Triple Threat's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. Sarah was Miss Dorothy, Naomi was a Stenographer\Modern\Jailbird\Soloist, Hannah was a stagehand, and I was the choreographer.

Triple Threat is a great company in that it is for 1st-9th graders and everyone that auditions gets a part. Wee try to give everyone the opportunity to have speaking and singing parts. It is amazing to watch these kids blossom as they learn to act, sing, and dance. They grow in confidence and I am privileged to be a part of it.

The show went really well and I am so proud of the kids. I choreographed quite a bit of dancing and they learned it all! Last week was Tech week so the entire week was full of rehearsals and then four performances. We are exhausted but satisfied with a job well done.

Sarah did an amazing job as Miss Dorothy. She is such a natural on stage and I love watching her perform, she lights up the stage. One night an actor didn't make his entrance so Sarah and the girl playing Millie had to ad lib quite a bit. They were hilarious! They stayed in character and made up several minutes worth of conversation. No one could tell it wasn't in the script.

Naomi was fantastic in all her roles. Her solo went off without a hitch. She is fun to watch on stage and is just about as lively as her older sister. I can't wait to watch her develop as an actress!

Hannah was super busy as a stagehand. She was hauling desks, jail cells, and just about everything else on that stage. She was constantly busy and completely exhausted by the end of each show!

I am so blessed to a part of this company and can't wait for the next show to start...just not for a couple of months!!


(pictures will be coming soon!)

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