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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Another year full of blessings

On Sunday our third dd celebrated another year.  She turned 8!  I can't believe that she is that old.  I vividly remember the day she was born.  We were scared for her and I because our second born was an emergency c-section.  We were being monitored carefully by the doctor.  She caused a lot of pain due to facing the wrong direction.  We should have known right then that she would be her own person!!

After she was born, she was so quiet and still.  I told Steven to stay with her because I thought something was wrong with her!  She wasn't wailing like the other girls had; she was just watching everything around her.  She would quietly study anything that came close enough for her to see. 

Her sisters fell in love with her instantly and didn't want to put her down.  :)  She continued to be a quiet baby and only cried for her basic needs.  She was doted on by her sisters and smothered in love.  She walked around 10 months but only said a few words by 1yo.  We grew concerned because the other two were talking in complete stories by 1yo.  So, we taught her sign language.  She picked it up quickly and still refused to talk.

By 18mos I was freaking out.  She would only say basic words like Mom, Dad, and cup.  I thought maybe she was delayed and prepared to take her to the doctor when she looked at me and said, "Mom, would you get me some milk?"  Just like that she was talking.  She just waited for the right time! 

She is such a quiet, reflective soul.  She is patient, kind, loving, gentle, funny, unique, tender-hearted; the list could go on.  She is also wierd!  Really.  She has a unique sense of humor and quietly sneaks her comments in just under the radar.  She can reduce her father to laughter with just a look.

We are so blessed to have her.  She brings more to our family than I could ever imagine that we needed.  Her gentle spirit blesses me daily.  I love my quiet, quirky girl!

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Kristine said...

Sweet post, and darling pics!