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Monday, July 20, 2009

The Candy Parade

We went to the parade for our county fair sometime in the last two weeks! (I really can't remember exactly when it was) The older three had been to parades before, but the youngest hadn't.

She was sooo surprised when they started throwing candy to her. She picked up her first few pieces and then turned around to us with the biggest eyes and said, "This is a Candy Parade!" It was magical to watch.

And also funny watching them scramble for candy!!

I NEVER get tired of seeing this. It fills me with pride and reminds me of the freedoms I have as an American but also the freedoms I have as a believer in Christ.

Nana and the girls waiting for the Parade to start.

Some of the Patriot Guard rode in the parade. They are an amazing group of people that I respect very much. And it just so happens that this couple are related to my dh!

Swimming earlier in the day -check, sunburn-check, dehydration from not listening to your mother about drinking more water-check. :(


She fell. There were witnesses. Right, Dad/Grandpa Don?? ;)

This is the same kid who had terrible road rash on her leg from crashing her bike. Got a cool scar from the first one, we'll have to wait and see if she gets a scar from this one too!

My dh had been getting me flowers lately. First it was Garbera Daisies. Love them. Next, it was sunflowers. Adore them. thanks honey :)

Just because I love pictures of feet! :-D


chillywilly said...

Great pictures sis. I love candy parades to. lol

Josh said...

Nice that they still throw out candy! Some of the parades around here now longer do that because of the mess to clean it up, I guess.

Kristine said...

The foot pic is cute, great colors in there too!

I had never been to, or heard of, a candy parade until moving here. It is hilarious (and grosses me out too, lol). :) How fun to have a parade to celebrate your county fair!