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Friday, December 28, 2007

Select All, Copy, Paste...WHAT??

I freely admit that I am a computer dork! I can barely type a letter in Word without screaming at the computer for doing something that I didn't want it to!! Seriously. I do not understand why Word takes things and makes them into bullet points when I just want a simple list of things. Aren't computers supposed to do what I tell them to? Well, they don't. Not by a long shot!!!

Now, here is my problem. I wanted to join a group of fellow homeschoolers on an adventure during the new year where I would post a picture EVERYDAY of the year. Big challenge for me, right? But I really want to go for it. So, I signed up and then it tells me that I have to go down to this little box thingie and right click and Select All. THEN, I have to click on copy and go and insert it into the 'CORRECT PLACE' in the HTML code on my blog. That is the funniest thing I have EVER heard in my life.

First of all, what is an HTML code and why do I have one, am I supposed to have one and what does it do? Where is is located - oh, there it is. COW DOG! What are all those letters and funny shapes in that box? I can't read any of it. Is it English? It can't be, can it? Okay, maybe it is; but, how do I know where to put this little code thingie that is now hovering in the nowhere land of my computers Select All/Copy/Paste place?

I am scared! Do people really mess with all of these symbols and strange words? They must because I have seen some of their blogs and they are soo cool! I want to be cool, too! :))

Alas, I am afraid that it is my lot in life to be a true computer illiterate who is afraid that her computer really is out to get her and is just waiting for her to try something new so it can mess with my mind! :)

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berrypatch said...

Well, it certainly looks like you're figuring it all out! :-)

Oh as for bullets in Word...when it does that & you don't want it too, immediately hit the backspace key twice & it SHOULD stop! :-) Word sometimes gets a little too smart about what it THINKS you want it to do. LOL

Welcome to the Project 365 ring & I'm glad I was able to help you get the code in there! :-)

Lisa in ME(SHS) aka Berry Patch