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Monday, January 31, 2011

TOS Review Times Alive

My blog is being scraped again.  If you are reading this on a website other than you are reading a stolen copy of my content.

It's time for another review!  This time The Crew was given the privilege of reviewing Times Alive from City Creek Press.


Times Alive is a fun and interactive way to learn the times tables. Based on the book, Times Tables the Fun Way, this method pairs up stories and pictures to make the multiplication facts memorable.  And they really are!  The stories are silly and catchy.  Like, when it's 6 x 6, you have Thirsty Sixes (36)!  They show a picture of sixes drinking out of a lake.  Silly?  Yup.  Memorable, absolutely.

I wasn't sure what my girls would think about it since they are a little on the old side for this.  Or so I thought!  I went ahead and had them sign up because they can always use the extra practice, right?  There were a few grumbles about it at first, but I soon found them practicing and watching the videos.  I do notice some difference in the speed that they answer multiplication questions.  But, they would need much more practice to get as proficient as I think they should be.

Learning multiplication facts is just so boring and something that you just have to do.  Anything that we can do to make it more fun and memorable is a bonus!  The Times Alive Software covers the multiplication facts from 0-9 with stories, drilling, and music.


The Times Alive Software CD-ROM is $48.95 or for Download for $44.95.  There are also many other products like books, posters, and a teachers manuals available.  Check out this page for a list of their products.

Want to give it a try?  Head on over to this page to try it all out.  Also, here is a video to check out...

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**I was given this product from City Creek Press through The Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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