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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TOS Review The Illustrated Bible Dictionary For Kids

My blog is being scraped again.  If you are reading this on a website other than you are reading a stolen copy of my content.

Have your kids ever been doing Bible Study or been reading their Bible and asked a question like who is Jochebed and where can I find out?  Or maybe they ask you what kind of plants were in Bible times.  All kinds of questions come up that make you go hmmm!

Well, I have a solution for you.  It's the Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids from Holman.  This is a seriously great dictionary.  There are reconstructions that show what buildings or cities may have looked like in Bible times, illustrated charts, pronunciation guides, photographs, realistic illustrations, definitions, and bios of people from the Bible.  The pages are full of vivid images and easy to understand information.

We have thoroughly enjoyed having and using this book.  I have been able to send the kids to this book to find answers for themselves during their Bible study time.  It has been empowering for them to have.

Here is a little about the book from the Lifeway Stores website:

The Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary for Kids helps children ages 5 to 10 better understand more than 750 Bible terms through vivid design and clear, concise definitions. More than 500 of the featured words are paired with full-color photographs, illustrations, maps, or reconstructions to enhance comprehension.
  This unique reference tool is perfect for church classrooms, families, home-schooling environments, Christian school classrooms and libraries, church libraries, and public libraries.

Aren't those pictures great?  These pictures don't even do justice to the book.  It is a lot of fun to look through!  The description says ages 5-10, but I think it could go much higher.  My 13yo enjoyed looking things up in it and I have as well.  This hardback book will last for years to come.

You can pick up your own copy of this book at Lifeway Stores website for $14.99 +shipping. 

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**I received this book through The TOS Crew in exchange for my honest opinion.