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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TOS Review Virtual Nerd

My blog is being scraped again.  If you are reading this on a website other than you are reading a stolen copy of my content.

For the next review we were asked to review Virtual Nerd.  I had never heard of this website before and couldn't wait to go and look at it.  

From their website:
"Virtual Nerd is a unique, online resource offering students real help in math and science. Students get the essential benefits of private tutoring and access to over a thousand interactive step-by-step video tutorials presented in our patent-pending Dynamic Whiteboard™."

Basically that means that there are videos that explain Math Concepts!  No, let me rephrase that.  There a tons of awesome videos that spell out Math Concepts so that kids understand them.  And if they don't, there are more videos that break it down even further.

Yeah, it's that cool!

We waited for a bit to start using it because the daughter that I wanted to use this had to get through her last year's Math book (don't ask, please) since the Virtual Nerd starts at Pre-Algebra and I didn't want to confuse her further.  I so wish she would have been on track and then we could have used these even more.   I watched them myself and found the explanations to be simple and very clear.

Full Screen 3 Areas
This is how the videos actually look.  There are three explanations going on at the same time to help all different kinds of learners.

This would be a great tool to use when your student is having trouble with a topic to just give another explanation and point of view.  I can see it really helping a student out of a tough spot.  This could definitely do the trick!

Drilling Down
This is the Drilling Down they talk about when a student needs simpler explanations.

The pricing for Virtual Nerd is varied.  This page helps explain the different options but the basics are:  Monthly for $49.  There are other options like a 1 day enrollment for $5.  Please visit this page to see all the advantages and pricing options .  This FAQ page is full of information about what Virtual Nerd is and does.

For our family, I find that the monthly fee is a little steep but the 1 Day Option or 1 Week option would be totally do-able and a great option to get us out of a jam.  I did find that the talking in the videos was a little fast and sometimes we had to watch the videos over again to fully understand the concepts.  With that being said, watching the videos as many times as you want is not problem.  They are available whenever you want to watch them, however many times you need to.

Virtual Nerd is an innovative way to present Math to your students.  It is a great tool that could really benefit your family.  If you want to find out what other Crew Members thought head on over to the Crew Blog and check them out.

**I was given this subscription to Virtual Nerd through The Crew in exchange for my honest opinion.


Anonymous said...

Good Review! I too wish Nate were at a level that this could have helped him now. :) We're just re-laying the foundation of math basics before moving to Algebra. I'm glad to know that for 5 dollars we can get some solid help later on though!

Virtual Nerd said...

We are pleased to inform you that because Virtual Nerd ( has received such significant interest following your review of our online tutoring service, we are offering a special discount to homeschool parents. Homeschool parents can receive 50% off the 1 and 3 month subscription plans. Just enter the discount code: homeschooldeal when you sign up for service. That is a huge discount, and hurry - the offer is valid until March 31, 2011!