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Friday, January 14, 2011

TOS Review Positive Action for Christ

 My blog is being scraped again.  If you are reading this on a website other than you are reading a stolen copy of my content.

This time around for The Crew I was asked to review Positive Action for Christ's The Life of Christ Bible Study.


Wow!  It is great.  First let's look at the what Positive Action for Christ is and then I will tell you about the Bible Study.  Here is a  little bit about their history from their website:

"Positive Action For Christ is a publishing house specializing in youth curriculum for fundamental churches. It began as a single ProTeen club in 1969 at Falls Road Baptist Church in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Soon other churches wanted to use the materials Frank Hamrick had written for his teens, and by 1971 thirty-five churches were using Frank's materials. A board was formed to govern the fledgling ProTeen ministry and the organization incorporated as Positive Action For Christ, Inc. in July 1972."

That is just a small bit about them from their History page, you can read the rest here as well as their Mission Statement and Doctrinal Statement.  Please visit this page for their full History.

Positive Action for Christ has many studies to offer for schools and church programs.  The School Programs start at Grade School and go all the way up through High School.  The K-6th Grade Curriculum are individual books for each grade and cover topics like Learning About God and Growing With God.  The Middle School studies include The Life of Christ, Wise Up! Wisdom in Proverbs, and Dynamic Christian Living Basics of the Christian Life.  The High School curriculum includes titles like Behold Your God Magnifying His Majesty, The Inner Man Spiritual Leadership, and Provers The Fountain of Life.  This curriculum is thorough, thought provoking, and age appropriate.  Check them out for yourself and download a sample of the ones you are interested in.

For our review we were given a copy of The Life of Christ for the High School Level.  We were given the Student Manual, Teacher's Manual, and a CD of Transparencies.  I was first impressed by the quality of the book and the thoroughness of the Teacher's Manual.  Plus, I like the looks of it!  I know that is silly but I am such a bibliophile that when this curriculum came looking like a well used, well loved book I was hooked!


Then I opened it and knew that I was going to enjoy it.  The Student Manual is a paperback, which I love because it is easier to use, and bound very well.  It is a full color book with beautiful pictures and maps to illustrate the lesson.  Each Lesson contains a section of reading, questions about the selected Scripture, questions to answer from the Teacher's Lesson, and a Digging Deeper section.  All with maps, pictures, and insights to bring it into the 21st century lives of students today.

The Teacher's Manual has a wonderful description of the curriculum, how to use it, teaching tips, how to schedule it, recommended Scripture Memory Program, and detailed Lesson Plans to help teach the lesson.  The Teacher's Manual also has the Student Manual with answers so the teacher can check work to make sure the student is understanding the material.  Also included in the Teacher's Manual are the Quizzes and Answers, Unit Tests and Answers, and Appendix with helpful information.  The Teacher's Manual is in black and white.  The information for the teacher is laid out in a format that was easy to use and left me feeling confidant enough to teach it.

The Transparencies CD is so full of goodies that I haven't even finished looking at them.  They have an outline of the lesson with bullet points for the main topics and pictures, pictures, more pictures, maps, and more!  They are in beautiful color that I can only imagine would be visually stunning in a classroom.

Now for my opinion.  I really, really liked it!

No, that's not all I am going to say I was just being a turkey.  I enjoyed the approach that this curriculum offered.  It is a mix of reading, fill in the blanks, and Socratic discussion.  It appeals to all my learning styles!  But does it appeal to my students.  Oh yeah!  They poured over the book eating up the visually attractive pictures and the detailed maps as well as the questions that caused them to think and defend their opinion.  It is so important to teach our kids to think for themselves and to be able to reason well; I feel this curriculum helps in that effort.  Teacher and student discussing and discerning the Word of God-it can't get any better than that.

I strongly encourage you to check out Positive Action for Christ if you are looking for a Bible Study for your kids.  I don't think you will be left wanting.

Now for price.  The Student Manual like we received is priced at $17.95, the Teacher's Manual is $41.95, and the Transparencies CD is $99.95.  Some studies have the option of buying used which would save you some money.  These prices are not too bad if you figure that you can re-use for multiple students and that the transparencies would not be necessary for a home setting.  They are amazingly cool, though!

The price varies for each study, so find one you are interested in and look up the prices from there.  There is also a Scope and Sequence for their curriculum at no charge. 

If you want to find out what other Crew Members are saying head over to The Crew Blog and check 'em out.

**I was given this curriculum through The TOS Crew in exchange for my honest opinion.


Guiding Light said...

Excellent review - thanks for the pics! I am considering this so it's nice to know your thoughts on it. Blessings!

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This is a great review. Thanks. Sorry that you're being scraped.

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