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Tuesday, August 12, 2008



Today, we followed the new full school schedule and it actually worked! I can't believe it. Everyone was done with their school work and chores were done by the time dh got home for the evening.

The house is actually kind of clean. The kitchen is clean, school is put away, the bathrooms are clean, and the main areas of the house have been swept. Plus, we had fun learning.

I am amazed. God is so good. It had to be Him guiding us and His Spirit was evident in manner in which we were able to achieve our goals.

I have pictures of Zoology that I will try to post later. For now, we are going to watch the Olympics.


Lisa said...

Yay for getting things done on time!!!!! Hey did your hubby mention to you about me coming over for dinner some night this week? let me know what day works best! sending love to you and the family!!!

Robin said...

Go Renita. Keep up the good work Kids.
Aunt Bobbie loves you guys.