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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Odds and Ends

I am enjoying our new school schedule. I am also enjoying the fact that the girls are becoming more responsible for their own education.

Since we are trying to teach them to schedule their own schoolwork and manage their time, I have started this board for them to look at and get tings done.

It is working well so far and I haven't had to nag them too much!

They have a verse to write each week for handwriting. I am tailoring the verses towards what we need to work on 'heartwise'.

Maggie was ignoring me because I wouldn't let her play with the girls during school!

I was finally a 'cool' mom and let the girls go and ride their bikes on break instead of doing chores. :)

The youngest was allowed to follow her older sisters into the street today to ride her bike. She was so excited that she was laughing and screaming every time she went out there!


Robin said...

poor maggie.
How scary to let scout out in the street.
I miss them terribly. When are you bringing them down?

Kristine said...

CUTE about the dog ignoring you, and great photo!

I might have to check out your blog template place. Pyzam is really popular, but whenever I'm in a Pyzam blog, my computer sloooooooows way down.

And I just found Beloved Disciple at my library and will pick it up tomorrow.