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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Fun Weekend and Back To School

Last weekend I went to the Women's Ministry Open House at our church. This is the day that they showcase all of the studies that are available to women. Well actually, they are only available to certain women. Those are the women who have children not school aged or women who have their children in school (outside the home). OR for women who work, they have some studies in the evenings.

I don't fit into any of those categories, not really. I do have children not school aged, and I *could* go to a study at night. However, I have children who are school aged and are Home schooled-there goes daytime Bible studies. I also don't want to give up a night that I can spend with my family. Selfish, I know!

So, what am I to do? I am not sure. I think that I am going to borrow a Beth Moore study from the church and do it on my own. MAYBE, I can talk my Sunday morning group to go through it together!!

On to another day!

Dh sang Praise and Worship at church this weekend and did a GREAT job. My 15 yo nephew played piano for them! He looked nervous; but did wonderfully.

After church we actually got to go out and eat at Cici's!! WOOHOO! I adore their Cinnamon Rolls. YUM

Sunday morning I met with my 'girls' for breakfast and a renewing of our friendships and bolstering up of our courage!

THEN, Sunday afternoon we stayed home and slept. Isn't that AWESOME?!! Dh and I were enjoying it immensely. ;)

That evening we decided that we had been lazy long enough and we went to the all church swim party at the YMCA. They held it at the outdoor water park and it was soooo cold. We swam for about 2 hours. By the end all of the girls' lips were purple. But boy did they sleep well that night! ;)


Lisa said...

AWWWW I missed all the FUN!!!! I was in Manhattan on Sat (will post pics soon) and I wasn't able to go to the swim party on Sunday cause I was so wiped out after being in meetings all day Sunday and then visiting a friend afterwords!!! GGRRRR!!!
P.S. I need to call you soon or you can call me!

Laura in MO said...

Renita -
Your comments about not being able to fit in any of the Bible study programs offered through your church really struck home with me. I am in the very same boat. Something that has occurred to me recently is that it would be so cool to have a small group of ladies do a study together online. Basically, we all work through the same Bible study and have a pre-arranged time to "meet" online to do the discussions, etc. Does this by any chance sound like something you would interested in?

momma24 said...

I would definitely would be interested in that! I really need some support and accountability in doing Bible Study.

Laura in MO said...

Hey Renita -
I just posted an entry on my school blog about trying to start an online Bible study. Will you go check it out and leave your suggestions and ideas in the comments section? You find my school blog at my regular blog - but you have to click on the "Welcome to Willis Creek School" button at the top right. I am excited and think we can get this to work! :)

Kristine said...

Renita, I have the same "problems." Our church ladies' study has been Friday mornings--while most of them homeschool, that time means we lose a day of school. I have joined them for their lunch, which they do every few months after study though--and feel terrible guilty about that, like I'm just showing up for the party!

They've recently changed the study to 1? 2? nights a month at a coffee shop at the same time as teen night. This might be a possibility, as I can see dd participating in the teen night. (She's just beginning to feel comfortable with the other kids, and I wouldn't mind trekking into town for this.)