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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What a difference a day makes

It was a loooong weekend! On Saturday, dh decided that it was a yard work day. UGH

So, being the crazy person that I am I decided to tackle a portion of the yard that was overrun with Sweet Williams, Ivy, and some really ugly weeds!

It didn't look like that much when we started. (by we I mean me with my 9yodd, my 6yodd, and my 3yodd watching and fighting with each other) I started at about 9am and we(I mean me) around 12pm.

Oh my goodness! I had so many spiders and bugs crawling all over me that I could feel them hours later. EEWW I was drenched in sweat and I smelled. Not the pretty smell that girls are supposed to have, no I mean the yucky smell of rolling around in the dirt and not bathing. It was bad!

I didn't really think too much of the work until Sunday morning around 10:45. That is when the soreness started setting in. I sat down and the then when I wanted to get up, I couldn't straighten up all the way. My hamstrings were so tight that I almost thought I had pulled a muscle!

It didn't get any better as the day progressed. In fact, every time I sat down and then tried to get up, it was worse. So what did I do? I walked 1-3/4miles on the treadmill. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I was thinking that the breakfast I had at McD's that morning was making my thighs and hind end get bigger and bigger while I sat there.

By the time Monday morning rolled around I was miserable. I could hardly walk and sitting down in a chair was so painful! The chair hit my hamstrings at the sorest point possible. Monday evening was the worst of all. I was no longer able to reach over and touch my toes without being in severe pain.

I was a little panicked because I have ALWAYS been able to touch my toes. Now just sitting on the floor caused me pain.

Today is a little better. However, when I did the Pilates video this morning I had to do the 'modified' version that looks like a dead cockroach! And even that hurt!!!

We will see what a difference there is tomorrow!


Lisa said...

You totally crack me up!!!! Thanks again for the diner!!! It was seriously my FAVORITE meal in the world!!!!! And the girls were wonderful...I loved every second of it! I LOVE YOUR matter what you say! Hope you can touch your toes soon...haha!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Robin said...

Did you pull out the bushes by the front door? You should have yelled at me to come over and help.
do you feel better now?