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Friday, August 29, 2008

School Outside

Our front yard is soo wonderful! We love it for so many reasons. The biggest is that it has grass and not stickers. The second is the wonderful shade that we have due to the two enormous trees.

We have used our yard for school many times last year and I decided that since the weather was getting cooler, we would start doing it again.

It was a wonderful change in location and we got to listen to all the nature around us.

This is the view we have when we sit in the middle of the front yard and look up. Can't you just hear the wind rustling through the leaves? It is so peaceful.

This is our shade. It is amazing how much cooler the front yard is under the trees than just a few feet away in the sun.

We decided to have our snack outside while we worked and had some visitors show up. I am glad that she was done with the apple!


Laura in MO said...

I need to remember to do school outside more often. That is such a great idea and I know my boys would greatly appreciate it!

Robin said...

what fun. I bet the kids really enjoy it.

Kristine said...

Love your yard, love your trees, love your neighborhood.

I'm not so sure about those little visitors though...