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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Getting Things Done

I have started getting rid of things. I am fed up with the clutter and stuff that we don't need and apparently don't want. Stuff is just lying around not being used or useful and it is driving me crazy.

Now, if you know me you know that it has to be really bad if it is bothering me. I am a certifiable Messy. I am a slob and I don't deny it. I am working on it.

So, I have been 'making' the girls get rid of clothes like crazy. So far, we have FreeCycled 8 bags of clothing. That includes two big lawn and garden trash bags!

I think it is sinful how much clothing my children have.

Now, before you think that I have gone out and bought all of this clothing let me clarify. I DID NOT.

People give us clothes. I am VERY grateful for this because we have 4 girls and dressing them is quite expensive. However, I have this little problem that makes getting so many hand me downs a bad thing. I don't get rid of clothes.

When I was growing up I got hand me downs. I loved it. I did not get many new clothes. Even when I was the only child in the house I did not get very many new clothes. My mom was a single mom and we were very poor. I had several jobs in high school and bought some clothes with what was left after helping with household stuff. I am not bitter, it just was.

Now, I feel the need to make sure my children have enough clothing. Sad, but true. I think that if their drawers are full of clothing that it will make them happier. It doesn't, I know. I still feel it in my deepest of hearts and Jesus is working on it.

I don't want my girls growing up dependent on things to make them feel happy or secure so we are cleaning house. So to speak.

Here is some of the fruit of our labor.

What has the youngest been doing while this extraction of clothing has been going on?

Watching the coma inducing box, of course.

At least it is Super Readers on PBS. She is starting to learn her letters and the sounds they make!

What a journey following Christ. There is always something to work on and more blessings to be gained. Thank you, Jesus, for taking the time to show us what needs Your touch.


Amanda said...

I am doing the exact same thing. I keep wondering why we actually moved all of this stuff with us instead of getting rid of it before moving. Wonders never cease.

Lisa said...

Wow that is really great!!!! Atleast you can admit you have a problem and try to fix it! I know what i try to do is if i get something new to my closet then i try to get rid of the same amount that i put in. Esspecially if i haven't worn it in the past year! I know it is hard to do that and even more so that you have 4 girls too, but it is a healthy thing for you and for them. It also teaches them that you only keep thing that you need and not to keep adding to what they already have! Great Job! Keep up the good work!