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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Another Lesson in Flight --August 15--

We suspended our Zoology through the summer and picked it up again this week. It is amazing to learn about Gods creation and the intricacies of it.

This week we were learning about feathers. It just so happened that our 6yodd had found two different types of feathers this summer and they were the perfect examples for our lesson this week!

We did two experiments this week. The first was an experiment to test the water resistance of feathers. We took one of the feathers and put a light coat of oil on it. While that was soaking in, we put the other feather in a bowl of water. The second feather was soaked. Then, we put the feather that we coated in oil in the water and it didn't soak up the water. We could actually see the beads of water on the barbules! The girls were amazed!

The second experiment we did was to test wind resistance. They were to first run with an umbrella closed and then run with it open behind them. It was pretty funny to see them trying to drag the open umbrella behind them!

Once again, we are thoroughly enjoying Apologia's Zoology 1!

Yes, she 'dressed' for school today! Who says you can't look your best for homeschooling?

It is harder than it looks.

This one can even do it while lookin' good!

Even the youngest had to get in on the action!

Some of the girls were being a little more dramatic than the others! ;)


Robin said...

I always miss out on the fun stuff.
How sad. It looks like fun tho.

Lisa said...

Looks like you all had fun learing! They are all so funny!!!