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Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Real Fun Begins --August 11--

Our first day of school, officially, was Monday the 11th. I have rearranged some things so that now we are doing a more 'strict' schedule AND we are utilizing the kitchen table for English and Zoology.

I have put up our new schedule by the table so that everyone can see it. I am also going to put up some more things like what nouns, verbs, etc. are. I also put our globe up there and a flat map on the wall.

During English, each one of the kids gets to come in the kitchen with me and have a subject with just me. It is working out really well, so far!

Here are a few pictures that have been in my camera all week. :)

This is our schedule. Yes, there is a different schedule for every day! Between coops, different subjects, and boredom I made a mostly different one for every day of the week.

There is the wall map. Isn't is wonderful? HEEHEE Not really, its just what we have. :)

And this is the 'School Table' aka Dining room Table. Unfortunately, the girls are just like me; they need to spread out while they work! BUT, they have been cleaning it up completely all week long. WOOHOO!

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