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Monday, May 2, 2011

I am post-dating some of these because the week just got away from me!

This week, Bug has been doing great! We have found a fairly good schedule at this point and we are managing to get school done. It helps that we are schooling year-round so that I don't panic and freak out on the kids!

Our Tapestry studies are going well and we are loving studying the Colonies and are getting ready for the America it! (yes, we are still 'behind' but on our own schedule!)   I can't wait to start covering this more and then I can learn all that I didn't know the first time around. ;-)

I have failed to take many pictures this week. :(   I intended to, but we were too busy living. We have been having a ball with Bug. She has been giving us kisses and hugs and lots of snuggles. Can I just say that I love baby kisses? I totally do! There is something special about a little one trusting you enough to give you kisses. The girls are sure to ask for lots of kisses. :)

My girls are also having a ball getting Bug to clap when she is excited. It is too cute to watch her eyes light up as she gets excited.  This is one of the reasons we homeschool-I love to see the light click on when they discover something new.  It is a priceless gift to see that happen in your children and I cherish it greatly.

We are also loving the fact that she is sleeping through the night. What a blessing for all of us. ;-)  Of course, snuggles in the night are kind of nice too but I had forgotten what it was like to wake up at random times throughout the night with a crying baby.  Good thing it's like riding a bike, right?  ;-D

We got her to do the airplane like this.   She held her body completely straight!

Yeah, we like to fix baby hair!  Bug didn't leave these in for long!!
Yup, even watching her sleep is exciting to us.  ;-)

I am going to try and post some more pics, if I get them taken, tomorrow.  For now I am working on a special post that has a give-away in it!!  Stay tuned...

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Mrs. Edwards said...

You've got a cute little Bug there. What a sweetie. I'm so thankful to keep up with you virtually since we never see each other anymore!