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Monday, May 16, 2011

TOS Review Go Trybe

We've all seen the statistics.  More and more adults are overweight; but even more disturbing are the amounts of children that are overweight.  We have become a stagnant society.  Our modern conveniences are enabling us to sit more and more and therefore causing us to be less and less active.  It is a growing trend and a growing worry.

I think the problem can be especially frustrating for homeschoolers.  Since we are home, it is harder to get a P.E. class going with just our children.  I know, I've tried!  I think that many homeschoolers do a great job of having outside activities that get them moving but there isn't that motivation of a P.E. Class and other students to encourage participation.

So, how do we encourage our children to become active and stay active?  Teaching them healthy ways alone isn't enough, we must incorporate all aspects of health education into it to make lasting changes.  I know easier said than done, right?

Well, GoTrybe is here to make this a little easier for us.

Photobucket is an online fitness and nutrition community that delivers daily fitness, nutrition, wellness, and motivation content to students and teachers across the US. 

This website is pretty cool!  Once you sign up your kids log in and then start on the journey.  You can choose your own workout, answer health questions, and watch educational videos.  All customized to the age group they are in.  There are also forums, messaging, a way to add friends, earn badges, and create an avatar.  There really are too many things to mention in this little blog post!


One of the things that my girls loved was being able to choose their own workouts.  When you log in, there are workout options to choose from.  You can choose what warm-up you do, what segments of the cardio you do, and what strength training you do.  They are all in 3-5 min. segments so you can piece together the work out length of your choice.  It is easily customizable to each individual person.  My one girl that likes dance can choose more of the dance type moves and my sports girl can choose things that are more along those lines.  It is pretty cool!


I also like the questions that they have to answer questions in order to accumulate points.  The points are then used to buy things for the avatar.  My girls had a great time dressing their avatar!  I will say that I wasn't thrilled with the choices of older girl avatars.  They seemed to be a little more provocatively situated than I care to see.  The clothes are also a little more revealing than we allow in our house; but it was something that we could easily overlook.   Now, mind you that our 'standard of modesty' isn't the same as everyone else's so you will have to decide for yourself how this fits into your family's choices.  I know that when I danced, we wore much less than this.  I also know that if you go to a gym to workout or even look into a gym, the women will have far less on than the women in these videos.  Bottom line?  Check them out for yourself and see what you think. 


The reason we can overlook it?  Simply put-because my kids liked it and so they did it.  They loved picking out their workout based on what they wanted to do that day and so they worked out.  That says it all, doesn't it?

One of the health questions.

To find out more about GoTrybe, head over to their FAQ page and read all about it.  To sign up with GoTrybe for a FREE for a trial period using the GITFIT code on this page.  After that, the cost of the yearly membership is $19.95 instead of $39.95.  Or you can try this Promo Code:  KIDSFITNESS on this page and get GoTrybe for 1 month for .99!  Not a bad way to try it out.

GoTrybe has three levels of age groups.  They are:
  • ZooDoos is for the elementary ages, K-5th grade
  • Trybe180 is for middle school ages, 6th-8th grade
  • NexTrybe is for high school ages, 9th-12th grade 
If you want to find out what other Crew Members thought about GoTrybe, head over to The Crew Blog and check them out.

**I received a complimentary subscription to GoTrybe through The TOS Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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