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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What's one more kid?

**Yup, another post-dated entry!  ;-)

Wednesday we got to watch a little guy that we have known since he was born.  Well, before he was born actually.  We were praying for him before his momma even got pregnant.  Then when he was on his way, we prayed fervently for his safety.  He was born to grateful and blessed parents.  We have long kidded that this little guy has been betrothed to our youngest!! We are only half-kidding about that one.  ;-)

So, I had six kids for half of the day.  Wow!  It was b.u.s.y. in this house.  lol  Everything went smoothly and there were no problems.  At all.  it was great.  Our youngest got to have her friend over which thrilled her to no end.  Plus, they played Legos for most of the time.  In the past when this little guy has come over they would play Barbies.  I'm so not kidding.  They would watch Barbie movies, too.  It was kinda funny and kinda not, ya know?  This time I was determined to not let the estrogen in this house overpower him and send him home dripping in it!!  heehee

So, Legos were the word of the day.  And they loved it.  There were cops, robbers, moms, dads, kids, towns, shopping malls, you name it.  There was more imaginative play happening here than I have seen in a while.  It was great.

Bedtime that night was pretty great too! heehee

Bug was enthralled with this little guy and couldn't stop staring at him anytime he was in the room with her.  The other girls just assimilated him into chaos just like he was their brother.  School happened around all the hustle and bustle and it was mostly accomplished for the day.

We will get school done for the year.  Really we will.  At least I think we will...

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