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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Day

Our day started out waaay too early!  We had our semi-annual trip to the beauty salon scheduled for 9:15a.m.  Yup, I said 9:15 a.m.  Not sure what I was thinking when I scheduled that one but hey, we needed our hair cut! lol  We only go every six months so when it is time, it is time now.  It went pretty smoothly, getting five kids ready that early in the morning so I was pretty pleased with myself.  heehee

But before we get to the haircut appointment I want to share pics of what entertained Bug last night.

We keep her toys in a laundry basket and last night she discovered that she could completely empty the basket all by herself!  She was having great fun doing that until there was one more toy and a scrap of material left in the basket.  She was determined to get that toy and the material only she couldn't reach them.  She would lean as far as she could and she would bend over the side grunting the whole time.  At one point she was high-centered, grunting, and kicking her legs; but she wouldn't give up.  She kept trying.

She finally took one more try at it and ended up sliding her way into the basket.  It was pretty funny and she was so proud of herself at having accomplished her task!

She had almost cleaned the basket out at this point.  She was pretty focused!

High-centered and grunting.  :-)

Slid in and was like a turtle on its back.

Sitting up the right way and proud as a peacock!
She played with this basket for more than twenty minutes.  She would climb in and out and every time she would grin and clap her hands.  It was great entertainment for us as well!

So, back to the hair appointment...

Our third born, Peanut, decided two years ago that she wanted to donate her hair to Locks of Love but at the time it wasn't quite long enough.  So she set out to grow it out long enough to cut off and still have long hair.  This was the appointment that was going to tell her whether it was long enough or not.  Now let me just say that Peanut loves her long hair.  She treasures it and it is gorgeous.

Sitting in the chair she found out that it was long enough and about where it was going to be cut off to.  We gave another chance to change her mind but she was determined.  So, our hairstylist braided it and started cutting.  It is just below her shoulders and absolutely darling.


There were tears.  After having such long hair for such a long time she had grown attached to it and it helped to define who she was.  She was mourning the loss and was almost inconsolable.  She was glad to have helped others but was missing her hair.

More tears and snuggles with mom were on the docket for the rest of the morning.  We played with different styles and found several that she really liked.  Then we went on to the Locks of Love website and checked out some of the people that she could be helping.  We both shed tears for their pain and loss but I shed more for the proud feeling of my little girls' sacrifice.

She is still sad but it is getting better.  She is beautiful no matter what her hair looks like because her heart is full of compassion for other people. 

The braid before the cut.  Her hair was below her waist!

Starting the cut...

The braid after the cut.

Her hair after.  It is just below her shoulders.

After some tears. 
A hairstyle she liked. 
She has such beautiful honey colored light brown hair that I know someone will just love being able to use it.  I am so proud of her that I cry every time I think about it.

Real love for others requires sacrifice on our part.  It isn't always easy and sometimes it is painful for us; but if we truly love with the love of Christ we will gladly suffer the pain for others.


Vickie said...

It is sooo cute on her. I have one daughter that has considered it but she's afraid to have her hair cut that short because my hair just doesn't grow and she's afraid her's will be like that too. A couple others are contemplating it too.
Bug is so cute! You must be having a blast having another little one around :)

Kristine said...

9:15, lol. Who made THAT appointment?! The baby's face in photographs always makes me smile. It must have been love at first sight for you! SWEET about the hair. I think her haircut is lovely!