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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back to our regularly scheduled life

Okay, I know that since Bug has come we haven't had a really regular schedule other than naps and meal times but you know what I mean!

We don't get up on a schedule anymore, we don't do school on our schedule anymore, we don't end our days on schedule anymore.  What do we do on a schedule these days?  Eat and nap.  That's about it. 

It's enough for now though.

Bug loves kissing the baby dolls we have in the house!

Yeah, we took Bug horse riding.  bwahahaha  We have a horse named Flicka.  She is tame and completely safe for babies. ;-)

One thing we do here, a lot, is tickle.  Bug is getting used to it-and starting to enjoy it.  We discovered that she can't laugh when you tickle her feet though.  She just scrunches up her face and stops breathing.  It is seriously adorable.  For a short time because it freaks me out to see her not breathing!

This is her face when you tickle her feet!
I'd say that days spent like this are pretty good, wouldn't you?

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