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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A New Bed and a shaky start

Sunday afternoon my oldest wasn't feeling well.  By Sunday night, she was full out sick.  :(  I looked in her throat and there were blisters.  So I pulled out the antibiotics we had on hand(the doc knew someone else would be sick soon!-how sad is that?) and started her on it right away.  She was put in quarantine with vitamin C and liquids being pushed.

Bug came Sunday night and wanted to be held by B but I wouldn't let her.  Monday morning Bug wanted B again but we had to keep them apart.  Bug really loves B.  When B walks into the room, Bug lights up and holds her hands up for her.  It is so sweet.  This little drama was played out all day and all day I refused to let them touch.  At least until B had had three full doses of antibiotics in her and was fever free.  That happened late Monday night but I wanted to wait until Tuesday morning just to be sure.

This morning when Bug saw B and B held her hands out for her, she dove into B's arms.  She immediately snuggled in for a hug; smiling the whole time.  It is so amazing to see my girls so completely in love with Bug.  I love watching them care for her and take delight in the smallest things she does.  They rejoice in each new accomplishment and cheer for her every step of the way.

I love it!

While all this was going on we put together a crib for Bug.  We borrowed one from friends and finally got it put together Sunday night.  I say "we" but it was mostly Steven and several different kids at any given time.  After it was put together and clean sheets put on it we decided to put Bug in it to see how she liked it.  See for yourself what she thought.


We put her in her new bed and she walked around talking and smiling. 


She didn't want to get out; she just wanted to stay in there and play.  Of course, that could be because she had six people smiling and clapping for her! lol

This hat was N's and we saved it for some reason.  It looked so cute on Bug that we just had to let her wear it!!

She was being hornery and teasing me about giving kisses.  It was pretty funny.

She just loved it when S pulled her up like this.  She would lift her legs when S would try to put her down!

Today was spent chasing Bug around and watching her figure out how to chase someone else.  She is starting to get the hang of it and smiles so big when she is being chased.  She started waving "Hi" today with a big arm movement and has waved at everyone she sees!  Sometimes when we would just come back into a room. lol  She is also starting to play in her bouncy seat thing while we are doing school.  She plays for a bit and then yells at us to get our attention; which the girls are all too happy give her!

We are getting school done, slowly but surely.  The new norm is settling in and we are adjusting very well.  I think we will be ready for vacation though.  Especially since we aren't going to take a Sabbath Week.  We are going to use vacation week as our Sabbath Week so we can get school done and have most of July off...maybe!

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Kristine said...

Great pictures! Bug adores the camera, too!