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Friday, May 6, 2011

TOS Review Andi's Fair Surprise

If you read my last post you know that I love books. Well, I have passed that love on to my children. That can be a great thing or a not so good thing. It's not so great when we come across books that are not appropriate for the age group they were written for. You know the kind I mean. They look great on the outside but the content is something that is not so great.

I hate it when that happens. I feel like a bad mom and I worry about what my kids have just read and wonder how it will affect them.

I am so happy to say that the book my younger two daughters read isn't a book that I had to worry about. At all. It is a great book that is, I'm sure, part of a great series. The book I am talking about is Andi's Fair Surprise by Kregel Publications.


From the back of the book:
If Andi can't take Taffy to the 1874 California State Fair, she doesn't want to go. What fun is a fair if Taffy can't win a blue ribbon? But the fair turns out to be so exciting that Andi is glad she came...until her brother tells her she can't keep the prize she won fair and square!


From the website:

Children ages 6-8 can join six-year-old Andi, her baby horse Taffy, and her family and friends on the Circle C  ranch in 1874. These new stories include fun illustrations and easy to read text, for kids who are ready for first chapter books

These books are so adorable. My girls loved reading Andi's Fair Surprise and can't wait to get the rest of them.

This book has a word index that defines words that the kids might not be familiar with so that they can read with confidence and understanding. There is also a peek into the past that gives the young readerrs some idea about what it was like to live in the 1800's. It is a great story that will get kids excited about reading and also excited to learn about history.

As a bonus there is are amazing workbooks that you can print off of their website that go along with the books. There are games, questions to answer, historical facts, and coloring pages that all correspond with the books. This workbook was AMAZING!! My girls adored getting to do the workbook and I must say that it added so much to the experience.



There are six other titles in this series:

Andi's Pony Trouble
Andi's Indian Summer
Andi's Fair Surprise
Andi's Scary School Days
Andi's Lonely Little Foal
Andi's Circle C Christmas

I am pretty sure that all of these books will be just as wonderful as Andi's Fair Surprise is.
The bonus is that all of these books have workbooks that can be printed off for FREE! I am not even kidding! You gotta love that, right? There are also coloring pages you can print off for the individual book titles. As well as online puzzles to put together. All of these items are FREE!!

On the website, there is also a tab to purchase Lapbooks for $12 each. Or you can purchase the Lapbook and the book together for $15. These would also be a great addition to the reading of these books. We didn't do the lapbooks but just from looking at the site, they look to be just as adorable as the book. Only books 1-4 have Lapbooks available right now.

Each of these sweet books can be purchased for $4.99 + s/h. There are also options to buy them as a complete set or several books together. Each of those prices can be found here.
When ordering these books, you can personalize them for the sweetie in your life-how cool is that?

My youngest two had this to say about Andi's Fair Surprise:

"We didn't like this book...WE LOVED IT!!"

In fact they have read it many times over while lying in bed at night. It is a perfect book to introduce chapter books to young readers. It is a perfect length to make them think it is a 'real grown-up book' without being too initimidating. I look forward to the girls reading it many more times over the years.


If you want to know what other Crew Members thought about their books, head on over to the Crew Blog and check them out!

**I was given a copy of Andi's Fair Surprise from Kregel Publications through The TOS Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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Andi Carter said...

Hi Renita,
Thank you for your enthusiastic review of Fair Surprise and your obvious excitement over the FREE ("I am not even kidding") activity pages. You are so funny! I'm excited that you're excited.
I created those with the idea that who wants to buy a book that a kid can read in an hour and that's it? Yikes! No, let's give folks more bang for their buck, so to speak. Having homeschooled for 20 years, you can bet I would have liked this for the books I was always buying. *sigh*

So I created them with the perfect audience in mind: other homeschool moms. I know what we all want and like. *grin*

Thanks again,
p.s. I created heavy-duty study/enrichment guides for the older (ages 10-14) Andi series as well. Hey, unit studies using novels is a great idea if you ask me! Learn history from fun books, not from dull history books. :-)