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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Competitive or Just Plain Mean

I am not a competitive person. I can win or lose and my kids can win or lose and I am fine with that as long as everyone played their hardest and played cleanly. I can't tell you how many games my girls have wond or lost or the scores in the games they played yesterday. That honestly doesn't matter to me. What I remember is if they played their hardest. I want them to give 100% at every thing they do.

So, when we run across players and teams that play dirty it makes me very angry. I can't abide that. Using illegal tackles, holding onto jerseys, etc. is just plain wrong. What makes me even more angry is when the refs that are supposed to call the illegal and dangerous moves don't. Especially when they are blatant.

Injustice gets under my skin and makes me VERY HACKED OFF. It is one of those things that showed up on a Spiritual Gifts test or something or something like that. Things are right or wrong. There is no grey. We choose to make grey areas to make us feel more comfortable with our decisions.

I will never allow my kids to play dirty. It will not happen. I will march on the field in the middle of the game and yank them off. Now, I encourage them to give what they get and play a physical game. But give it back in the right way and win the ball. Don't push the other team around and then claim a victory because you cheated. That's just plain wrong.

It's also wrong for my girls to just roll over and take the beating and do nothing about it. Sometimes you have to push a bully back to get them to back down. I wouldn't punish my child for standing up to someone like that on the field or in life and giving what they get. I would say good for you and maybe next time they won't mess with you.

I am sad that families that I know in real life allow their kids to play soccer like that. I'm sad that they think it is okay to elbow, shove, football tackle, aim for the opponents knees, punch, pull jerseys, hang on to the opponents arm to keep them back, and various other dirty tricks just to win a game. I wish those parents could see their children's behaviour through someone else's eyes so they could see what it really looks like.

No, my kids aren't perfect. I have actually called them down from the sidelines for starting to push or whatever. Win the game but do it honestly.

I am frustrated that AYSO has been so negligent this year in stopping dangerous players from continuing to injure others. The refs have been letting more and more things go and I am thinking about not letting our girls go back there next year. More and more of the players are being coached to play this way. Even if the coach doesn't teach them to do it, if he doesn't stop it he is coaching it. By not stopping it, he is advocating it. When the refs do nothing, they are advocating it. AYSO is supposed to be non-competative, fair, balanced playing. I just haven't seen that this year. Not when a player is football tackled from behind by another player on purpose and nothing is done about it. AYSO is advocating dangerous playing.

Yes, I am angry. Not about losing but that our teams had to suffer through nasty players doing dangerous things and the refs didn't stand up for them. Parents can't complain about the refs-that's not allowed and wouldn't do any good. There is no recourse until someone gets hurt. But even then, would they listen? I don't know. We had a girl get her knee blown out two years ago by a player targeting her legs...nothing was done about it. The player was allowed to keep playing and she didn't even get a yellow card. She still plays that way to this day and she is still getting away with it. AYSO advocated it by allowing it.

Okay, I am done with my soap boxing. I can breathe having gotten that off my chest. whew! Back to your regularly scheduled happy blog reading!! lol

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