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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Of changes and things

So this week has ushered in some major family changes. I am pleased to say that the entire family has managed them very well. We came together and dove right in to make things happen. God is faithful to us in showing us that we are following His path and it is amazing to witness as a family.

Truly a blessing.

This weekend is Steven's birthday. Well, not the whole weekend but we are spreading it out to encompass the whole weekend because we can! Friday night we met with his family to celebrate with his twin at a pizza place and then cake and ice cream at the folks' house. We were able to take Bug with us and introduce her to the family. She was an angel. She handled the noise and chaos like a pro. And they loved her! (we knew they would!)

Today was soccer. BUT, we started it with biscuits and gravy in honor of the birthday boy. Several people wished him happy bday at the soccer game since we know many families outside of soccer and then tonight he had some ice cream at Applebee's. Tomorrow the girls and I are making a cake and giving him his present.

Not too bad of a deal getting your bday celebration spread out over three days! He's totally worth it. He is an amazing father and wonderful husband. We are blessed to have him. I am so thankful that God brought him into my life when He did and that I was at least smart enough to go out with him in the first place. heehee

I can't wait for the next twenty years with this wonderful man. I love you, honey. ;-D

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