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Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend happenings

What did we do last weekend? Soccer of course! This time both games were at the same time. Unfortunately they were on opposite sides of town. Steven took one socccer player and the two youngest kiddos with him and I trudged across town with one lone child. I almost didn't know how to behave with just one child in the car. It was eery! ;-)

Once we arrived at the fields I went to get my chair and blanket from the trunk (it was very cold and windy) and realized that I had forgotten my blanket. So not cool. It made me cranky just thinking about sitting out there with no blanket.

But I did it. And I survived! lol Our oldest won her game and the second born's game was a tie. They played well but I was glad it was over.

After the games, we headed over to the minor emergency clinic...again. This time it was for an sore in H's ear and a large lump behind her ear. It looked pretty icky and hurt her a lot. Come to find out she somehow scratched the inside of her ear and a raging infection started. It was bad enough that it spread to the lymph glands in her neck. Antibiotics were prescribed.

Then I took a nap. A seriously long one. Like all the rest of the day. It was glorious.

Supper out with friends topped off our day.

Sunday was spent at two churches. Yes, I said two. We woke up way too early for a Sunday and somehow I got four heads of hair ready and everyone dressed by 8:15am. A.M.!! We barely made it to service, but we did, and then we scooted out to Steven's parents church for their Easter service.

Lunch and visiting took up the rest of the day. We made it home in time for a late supper, which we ate in front of the t.v. while watching a family movie. I'm pretty sure everyone was in bed by 8:30pm.

Today, we start a new adventure. We are going to start caring for a little girl full-time during the week. She will live with us Monday-Friday and then go to her grandparents house for the weekends. We are all anxious for this new phase in our lives but we are trusting God to go before us and to give us what we need.

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Shelby McClanahan said...

I just joined your blog and it looks really awesome! I am new to the blogging world :)!