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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dancin' with the Dinosaur

I don't often put music on here because I don't much care for listening to dozens of different songs throughout all the blogs I read in a given day.  But that's just me!

However, this song was playing in our car the other day and an interesting conversation ensued.  H-my 8yo asked what he was talking about and why he would dance with a dinosaur. lol  The music was turned off and a 15 minute conversation about right and wrong, black and white, and having a conscience were thoroughly discussed.  It was amazing to see the light in their eyes as they understood the concept of listening to the Holy Spirit and why some would call having a conscience a dinosaur.

After the conversation they all agreed that they always wanted to walk with the dinosaur!  ;-D


Tess said...

I love the discussions that come from my girls! The strangest things can spark the greatest conversations.

Lisa said...

We have had some great conversations in the car too. I'm stopping by on the blog walk.