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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Winter Jam

This evening I took my two oldest dds to the Winter Jam concert. I didn't really want to go. You see, I am now an ole fogey and i would have rather stayed home and lounged around in my sweat pants. No, really I would have!

But, some close, dear friends were going and invited us sothe pressure was on. ;-). I went so that I wouldn't deprive my children out of the ear drum popping experience and wqs blessed beyond measure. Not just by being with our friends but church was happening there tonight a d The Word was preached. It was amazing.

The music was loud and awesome! I will have to blog more about it later and post pics but for now I need sleep. And for the ringing in my ears to stop. I'm hoping that full hearing is restored before our music class tomorrow!!!

1 comment:

KyAnn said...

I'm so glad you guys went!! It was amazing and we had LOTS of fun together! :) Loved it. It was amazing. Wow. :) Oh, and can you say that a lil' louder? Thanks! Heehee! :0


P.S. I'm voting that we go together again next year!