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Friday, February 25, 2011

TOS Review Math Rider

For this review with The Crew we got to go on quests and travel by horseback to magical land called The Math Lands.  Yup, you guessed it it's a math game! 

It seems like Math is one of those subjects that causes great battles in school.  Whenever a product comes out that can help parents and kids come together to help them in their struggles, it's a good thing.  Right?  Well, it is if it is fun enough that the kids don't even realize they are 'practicing'!


That's how it was when the kids tried MathRider.  They had fun and learned their math facts better.  Bonus!

MathRider is an interactive game designed to help kids master their math facts.  From their website:

MathRider is a totally new and innovative math game for kids to practice their number facts. Practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division from 1 to 12 is no longer a boring chore of filling in pieces of paper that then need checking, or playing flat web games on-line that just serve random numbers.

In this game the MathRiders go on magical quests to gather items needed for a particular quest by answering math fact questions.  Mastery is needed to complete the quest so if the child doesn't quite master it, they get to try again.  Once they have attained mastery, they complete the quest and move on to another one.


Honestly when I watched my daughter play this game I was a basket case.  I don't handle the stress of timed questions very well!  She was loving it and I was chewing my nails.  Her horse took off and in order to jump over the fences she had to answer a math question.  Answer it in the amount of time given and you keep jumping.  If you don't, then after so many you don't master the quest.  You get more practice before the next quest.

The scenery was beautiful and the quests were fun for my daughters.  Although the oldest didn't think she liked it very much, she did get more proficient with her facts!  However the game is designed to learn what  your child knows and make it increasingly difficult in order to challenge them.


MathRider is for anyone that needs to practice their math facts.  You might want to check on the computer requirements before buying to be sure that your computer can handle it.  Those requirements can be found here.  You can buy MathRider for $37 and get a 30 day risk free guarantee.

Check out this video to see what it's like.

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**I was given a trial version of MathRider through The TOS Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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